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Highrise and Lowrise

Since 1967, over 54,000 families have chosen Greenpark for their most important investment. That's more than just a number - it is a statement of trust from each of those homebuyers who have chosen Greenpark to deliver the quality home they demand, and the quality lifestyle they desire.

Designed for Success

The history of Greenpark reads, in part, as a story of family traditions and business values being passed down through the years. It's an illustrious heritage, now reflected in the dedication and expertise of the new generation of leadership.

Built with a Vision

Carlo Baldassarra emigrated to Canada from Italy in 1958, at the age of 19. His first job in Canada was as a carpenter. Possessing a keen business sense and an understanding of the value of hard work, he was able to turn those qualities into unrivaled success in the real estate development and construction industry.

Giving Back

Carlo Baldassarra's commitment to family, community and philanthropy has created another enduring legacy. He and his family support numerous charities, churches and, particularly, hospitals.